We believe that it is only through creating awarenss we can ensure EVERY RIGHT FOR EVERY CHILD. We at CRT try to create awareness among individuals through Trainings and Workshops

Workshops and Training Programmes
CRT conducts a wide range of workshops and training programmes from brief one-hour and half-day orientations to three-day workshops. These include a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of child rights and emerging child protection issues designed for officials of various government departments, NGOs, teachers, lawyers, colleges and students of social work, police, railway police, children and parents.

Training of Trainers 
Training of trainers is one of CRT’s ultimate objectives in order to extend training outreach on Child Rights widely and rapidly. Along with Child Rights we also train individuals on POCSO, RTE, JJ, NPC, CMPA, Anti trafficking, Child Labour (Regulation and Prohibition act) etc.

Disability and Child Rights
Along with organisations targeting child disability rehabilitation, CRT also did workshops and training courses for youth activists aligned with APD, ADD and other organizations who work in the field of       disability development and child rights, self-development, communications and disabilities issues.

Theatre – both street plays and proscenium plays – are used as a means to reach out to the trainees and the masses, thus initiating discussions on the infrastructure and services available, and the need for taking care of children from the rights perspective.

The activity has reached out to about 60 youths directly and more than 5000 villagers. The experience has been very enriching for both CRT as well as the trainees.

JJ ACT 2015 Inputs to Rainbow Homes Staff Training on 08.09.2016 

Rainbow Homes is a project part of BOSCO. In Bangalore they have four centers for children. The staffs working in Rainbow Homes are child friendly and also they have child protection policy. The management of Rainbow Homes felt that their staff members need to understand JJ Act 2015.So they invited Mr.Nagasimha as resource person. The input session happened in Rajaji Nagar. Rainbow Homes have more than 15 staff members and they participated in the input session. This session was interactive and the staff members felt happy about the methodology of the training and they gave good feedback also.

Vijaya College – UNCRC Inputs to B.Ed, M.Ed Students Training on 04.10.2016

Vijaya Teachers College is situated in 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore. They have 4 branches in Bangalore. On 04.10.2016. Mr. Nagasimha visited Vijaya College and had an interactive session about UNCRC and situation of the children. The program was inaugurated by Vijayakumari, Principal of Vijaya Training College. After the session, participants asked lots of questions regarding Right to education, Child Labour and Child Marriage issues. Staff members of Vijaya College, lecturers, Principal gave good feedbacks. On the basis of feedbacks Child Rights Trust is planning to conduct series of training sessions, workshops to the staff members and also to students of Vijaya College.

Hurdles to Implement POCSO 2012 Training on 06.10.2016

Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights(KSCPCR) organized State level workshop on Child Related Legislation and Policies. They invited Mr.Nagasimha as the resource person to conduct a session on POCSO Act. This program was organized at Hotel Fortune near Anandhira Circle. NGO’s which are working for Child Rights and Child Protection, Child Line 1098 Co-ordinators, Senior Child Rights Welfare Officers, SJPU’s participated in this input session. The session was appreciated by the participants and also ha fruitful discussions with the resource person. National Child Rights Commission Members, KSCPCR Chairpersons were also present in the program.

Positive Discipline Training from 18.10.2016 & 19.10.2016

Positive Discipline is a new concept to the people who are working with the children. They must understand the negative impacts of corporal punishment, positive disciple, child friendliness especially who are working with boys home, girls home and institutions. In this regard Gadag District Child Protection Unit organized 2 day training workshops for supervisors, NGO’s, staff members, Police and Teachers. More than 80 people participated in this workshop. Negative effects of corporal punishment, positive discipline with related to UNCRC and also Child Protection Act was discussed in the 2 days workshops. Follow ups of these workshops are planned in December. DCPO Gadag will organize and follow trainings

POCSO 2012-Input Sessions to SICHREM Training on 11.11.2016

SICHREM is a NGO which is working for upholding Human Rights. They have projects in different districts of the State. On 11th of November SICHREM organized input session regarding Human Rights, Domestic Violence, Child Rights and POCSO Act 2012. SICHREM invited Mr.Nagasimha as resource person to present the program of POCSO. More than 15 staff members of SICHREM participated in the program.

From Concept to Realisation- Training Series

Every now and then we see a tale on violation of Child rights in media. A keen surveillance reveals that, lack of respect towards children and their rights or awareness on laws pertaining to Children among the Public is the reason behind radical increase in violation of Child Rights. Hence we sense that, there is a need for sensitization on Children, Child Rights and Laws among all of us.

To keep our children safe, these days Govt is coming up with new laws, policy, acts, and discussions pertaining to children. Complimentary to this, to disseminate child related issues to public, Govt is also organizing various programmes at state, Districts, taluks and at Panchayat levels. But there is huge dearth of Resource people to disseminate the information, train people or to conduct research on Child related issues.

On the other hand, we perceive that individuals working for children or with the children also lack knowledge about Child Rights and allied issues; this could be because of lack of training. Most of the time social workers though interested to get the training on Child Rights for many organizations/ NGOs training staff is a costly affair. To meet the dearth of resource persons and also to train individuals, students, NGO personnel in the state CRT has come up with Training series called From Concept to Realisation. We are offer two days Residential training in an affordable price on Child Rights and allied issues like


  • POCSO,
  • JJ,
  • RTE
  • Research Methodology,
  • CMPA
  • Anti Trafficking
  • CLPR
  • Concepts and good practices ParentingSince last year, we have conducted 12 Training’s in association with BREADS, Bengaluru on above mentioned issuer reaching for about 400 individuals.