Child Empowerment for GOOD

What is Children GOOD?

Children Empowerment for GOOD[Getting Out Of Devadasi System] and Preventing further Dedications is a projected instituted by Terre des Hommes Netherlands in 2019 to address the Devadasi issue in a holistic manner in Northern Karnataka.

Project Objective

To strengthen the systems and services for child protection by advocating with Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, and facilitate child participation and child empowerment along with community sensitisation to prevent children from sexual abuse/exploitation in the Devadasi system through a mass awareness and advocacy campaign. The programme also aims to rehabilitate victims of the Devadasi system, prevent dedications and provide vulnerable girls with opportunities through educational services and vocational training.

How does Children GOOD operate?

The project is implemented in the most vulnerable districts of North Karnataka with the help of civil society organisations. These organisations are networks of Devadasi women who have pledged to work for the cause of their own community.   The project is a combination of prevention, provision, promotion and prosecution strategies. The strategies are applied to the various actors or stakeholders of the project; Children, Families and Communities, the Government, Law Enforcement Agencies and Civil Society Organisations. The project aims to bring in change using child participation and child empowerment techniques.