The following radio broadcast programmes are conducted at RADIOACTIVE , Jain University Campus, Palace Road in collaboration with Child Rights Trust.

13th Nov 2019 –

Launch of RadioActive Programme‘UNCRC30 What it means to us’

Child Rights History with Nagasimha G Rao and RJ Vijaya

14th Nov 2019 –

Child Care Institutions with Gopinath, RJ Vijaya, and Nagasimha G Rao

15th Nov 2019-

Malnutrition with Dr.Padmini, RJ Vijaya and Nagasimha G Rao

16th Nov 2019-

Child Trafficking with William Cristofer from IJM, RJ Vijaya and Nagasimha G Rao

17th Nov 2019-

Child Labour with Vani Kantli from Bachpan Bachao Andolan, RJ Vijaya and Nagasimha G Rao

18th Nov 2019 –

Rights of the Disabled Children with Rashmi from APD, RJ Vijaya and Nagasimha G Rao

19th Nov 2019-

Child Sexual Abuse with Khushi Kushalappa from Enfold, RJ Vijaya and Nagasimha G Rao

20th Nov 2019-

Child Participation with Vasudeva Sharma from Child Rights trust, RJ Vijaya and Nagsimha G Rao

News and Events:

Happy world children’s day!

20th November 2019 marks 30 years of adoption of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. To celebrate this, Karnataka Child Rights Observatory with the help of UNICEF organised a one day event on 19th November 2019.

The event started off with a Jata which highlighted to the world that children are not future citizens but are the citizens of the present day and it is our duty to listen to their needs and facilitate them with requirements for their overall development. Ms.Kanaka, child achiever  flagged off the march in the morning at 9:30 a.m.  Around 50 children from various organizations and districts took part in the Jata from Vidhana Souda till Bala Bhavana, Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

Mr.Vasudeva Sharma, state convenor, KCRO Welcomed the gathering. The event was inaugurated by children hanging the 42 articles of Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Children’s tree and giving life to it. Mr. Anthony Sebastian, chairperson, KSCPCR gave the inaugural speech which was followed by the chief guest Smt.Mietal Rusdia sharing her views on the importance of encouraging children to voice their opinions and to give them an effective platform to seek redressal. Children from three different organizations namely SURABHI, SPARSHA and APSA performed dance, song, and drama on child related issues which touched the hearts of the audience.

Post lunch, at 3:00 pm, the book ‘ Rocky Road to the Realisation of Child Rights in Karnataka’ was released in the presence of Shri Anthony Sebastian, chairperson, KSCPCR , Smt.Mietal Rusdia, Chief Field Office for Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Karnataka, Sri Lucose Vallathrai, Former IAS officer, Karnataka, Dr. Padmini, Advisory Committee Member, KCRO, Mr.Vasudeva Sharma, state convenor, KCRO and  Mr.Satish G C, co-ordinator, KCRO.

The book was introduced and the essence of it was explained to all by Dr.Padmini. this book gives us a detailed look into the health, education, nutritional status of children in Karnataka, the concept of the children’s library, the prevalence of evils such as, child marriage, child sexual abuse, and the progress and roadblocks that the state of  Karnataka has achieved and is facing.


The winners of the quiz competition and the elocution competition which was conducted on 16th November and 18TH November respectively were awarded. In the end, a group of amateur actors stunned the audience with their act on the life of Eglantyne Jebb.