Receipts and Payment

Grants received from Grants in INR  Grants received on Purpose
TDH Netherlands  Rs.5,19,138 5th Sept, 2018 IMAGE Project
Global Giving Rs.3,03,207.02 27th Jul,2018 Child Rights (UNCRC) Training
Impact Guru Foundation Rs.3,22,845.00 2nd Jul,2018 Child Rights (UNCRC) Training
TDH Netherlands  Rs.5,19,138 24th May, 2018 IMAGE Project
India Literacy Project (ILP) Rs.4,55,062.68 11th May,2018 RTE activities
TDH Netherlands  Rs.5,19,138 2nd Mar, 2018 IMAGE Project
Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM) Rs. 1,60,000 3rd Jan,2018 Menstrual Hygiene Management
Foundation For Children and Women (FCW) Rs.5,75,897.82 27th Nov,2017 IEC materials
India Literacy Project (ILP) Rs.1,01,191.44 7th Dec,2017 RTE activities
India Literacy Project (ILP) Rs.2,12,541.26 6th Sep,2017 RTE activities
India Literacy Project (ILP) Rs.4,63,599.77 8th Dec,2016 RTE activities
Foundation For Children and Women (FCW) Rs.6,07,783.54 5th Dec,2016 IEC materials
TDH Netherlands  Rs.1,28,045 25th Nov, 2016 SRHR Project
TDH Netherlands  Rs.2,23,750 5th Sep, 2016 Trainings and IEC materials
Japnese Association of Psychiatric Rs.2,87,529 17th Aug, 2016 To conduct National level workshop on Combating
Child Labour and Child Trafficking
India Literacy Project (ILP) Rs. 6,00,650 4th July, 2016 RTE activities
TDH Netherlands  Rs.2,68,507 6th Feb, 2016 Trainings and IEC materials
 India Literacy Project (ILP) Rs.3,89,674.52 27th Nov 2015  RTE activities

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FCRA Audited Statement for the year ending 2015-16